Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blogger Tourney Day

We had our private blogger tournament at 2PM on Saturday. Slightly less than 45 showed up and the top 5 spots were paying. It turned out to be a $80 straight with no rebuys or add-ons.

At my first table, we had Pauly, Falstaff, LJ, Zeem, Columbo, Cracknaces, and a nice looking young woman in shorts that I didn’t recognize, and I think Linda. While the blinds were still low, I was able to drop the hammer from UTG, so I got that out of the way early. Everyone at the table gave each other respect but Pauly had a little more gamble in him than the rest. After losing a couple of pots, Falstaff reminded him that it wasn’t a re-buy. The look on his face was priceless as he looked down at less than 2/3 of his starting stack.

I just played my normal game and it worked out OK. Iak was able to make a good move on me in an early to mid level hand. I laid down pocket 9s in early position after I had already raised and he bumped it up quite a bit. I probably played a little too snug, but it helped my image when I would come over the top of someone’s bet. I had one good suckout with my A,10 that bested A,J. I was able to knock out Pauly when he pushed in front of me and I had pocket queens. Believe it our not, 4 tits was able to hold up against his A,4 suited.

Adding Pauly’s stack to mine helped me make the final table. When the 10 of us were there, Kurokitty got us to agree to a deal. 6-10th would get their $80 back and 1-5 would each sacrifice $80, but still get the bigger payouts. Grubbette was the only one that really didn’t want to, but she said she would go with the group. Also at the table were Iak, Bayne, MiamiDon, MeanHappyGuy, Rachel / Mrs. Spaceman, ?, and Waffles.

Bayne put me to the test early when people were in push / fold mode. He came in with a 3X BB raise and I thought about pushing with my A,10. I know he is not a loose player so I decided I would take my chances later with someone else or better cards. That might have been a mistake, but I'll never know. The hand that crippled me was when I was the small blind against Rachel in the BB. I had Q,J and bumped it to 3X. It was a really stupid bet because it wouldn't run her out and with the pot size, I would be committed to her reraise anyway. Sure enough, she pushed and I had her more than covered in chips so I called. She flips over 6,8 I think and promptly hits 2 more 6s on the flop. I was more than a little irritated at this. Not just the cards, but my play. This left me just enough to wait for the BB and then I had to put the rest in when Waffles pushed and Kuro followed. I barely had enough to make another blind, so yeah, I gambooooooled. I wasn't in the worst shape since I had a better kicker with my A than Kuro. Of course Waffles K,K and another on the board busted us both. Kuro finished 1 place higher than me with T500 more in chips after the count, but we both got our $80 back for our final table finish. Not a bad showing for the ATL, but a W would have been great.


At 3:02 PM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

good to finally meet you man. Good game.

At 4:53 PM, Blogger iamhoff said...

Sounds like a hella fun trip. And your buddy in Henderson...what the hell does he do? That was a very sweet man-cave. 2 planes, a boat, and plenty of space for a poker game with no worries about how loud you're all getting...that's livin'.

Loops and rolls in an open-cockpit biplane is crazy fun. A friend of my parents had an old biplane that he'd restored, put a modern engine into, and gotten FAA certification for aerobatics. People were lining the runway when we came in for a landing.

Sounds like good times were had, and I'm glad to hear that you did the blogger thing and dropped the hammer. Bravo. And that sucks about your aces, but yeah, card protectors are used for a reason. Meh. Wish I could've gone. Next time...

At 6:04 PM, Blogger meanhappyguy said...

Nice job with the hammer and making the final table. There was a lot of luck involved, but I could also tell you had a good strategy going.

That QJ hand is tough, if you push, she'll probably fold that 6-8, but she'll also be calling with any ace, and probably with any K-9+.

At 1:15 AM, Blogger bayne_s said...

If it was before we were down to 5 I was better than AT.

Nice to meet you this weekend.

At 2:44 AM, Blogger Rachel said...

Hey! It was great playing with you. Sorry about those trip 6s... The strucure was so fast, I didn't have much choice but to gamble. Next time you can kick my ass!

--Mrs. Spaceman


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