Thursday, June 21, 2007

Vegas Weekend End Report

I just realized I never finished my Vegas report. I guess the reason is because Sunday ending up being a non poker or blogger day. My lazy ass slept until noon, so that killed one of the tourneys I was going to try. We were invited to a cookout and hang at the pool of my buddy’s friend. What was supposed to be a late afternoon meal turned in to a late night meal and that shot any chance of going down to the Rio/WSOP or checking out the poker room at Green Valley Ranch. While I am grateful for the free lodging, transportation, and entertainment, I am still bummed that I was able to do nothing that I had planned for Sunday. Who knows, maybe this day was the only reason I was able to minimize my Vegas losses to $15. If Colorado 1 hadn’t killed my pocket Aces on Friday, I just might have been able to come home with a few more dollars in my wallet then I took out there.

I look forward to doing it again. I doubt in will be in December due to limited vacation time and I would like to see the spectacle that is the WSOP so it will probably be next Summer. I think I will try to spend the night down on the strip at least on that Saturday night so I can do a little more hanging at bars with bloggers and maybe try a late night tourney.


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