Monday, November 06, 2006

All That Pokery Goodness

I absolutely overdosed on poker this weekend. None of it was a winning session mind you, but I had a good time. We had a small impromptu game with 5 of us doing a small tourney. With 3 of us left, I go all in on the flush draw and run into the pocket kings of the BB. Yay me! I had plenty of chips to be patient but I was going for the knockout punch. It didn't happen, so good-by $20. I also lost a couple of buy-ins in .05/.10 online and only made it to midfield on a 45 person MTT . I am new to cash games so I'm sure I am a regular ATM to some folks. I burned through about 25% of my bankroll, but did clear my first 10% bonus, so that got me about $5 back to the account.

When I wasn't playing poker, I was watching alot of TV. I am trying to catch up on some past WSOP Main Event episodes on Tivo. I am finally to the final table. Jeez, could Gold catch any more cards? I realize that they do editing, but it still seems he was getting more than his fair share of breaks. I love the look of disappointment that Johnny Chan had when Alan Cunningham popped him with the nut flush. I also tried to catch up on some of my regularly scheduled programs before I get too far behind.

Football was unkind to Stacie again with Clemson dropping the game to Maryland. They have been kings of the 1 point losses in the last few seasons. Auburn won, but unfortunately Arkansas still needs to lose 2 to give Auburn a chance at the SEC championship.

See ya at Wil's or the Mookie.


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