Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How To Blow A Chip Lead, Part 2

This was not intended to be a series, but my play indicates otherwise. In Wil's game last night, I was fortunate enough to catch some good cards and lay down some 2nd best hands before the break. This put me in good position to maintain a higher than normal chip stack.

After the break is where I was able to get some serious chips. Others may differ, but I was happy with the way I played the hand that put me in the chip lead. I had pocket Aces in early position and raised 3x BB with 1 caller behind me. I hit another A on the flop and I didn't see any hand that beat me or could reasonably catch to beat me, so I checked my trips. I thought this might show me being afraid of the A and would give my opponent a chance to catch a good card. I knew any bet on the flop and he would fold. The turn came another harmless card (9) so I checked again and gave him one more chance to catch and maybe get some more chips on the river. The river paired the board (another 9) for my full house. I hoped that he had a piece of it so I checked 1 more time hoping for a probe bet. Lucky for me, the river gave him trip 9s and he bet at it. Now I decided to do my over bet and make him think he beat my AK, KK or QQ. I tripled his bet which wouldn't leave much behind so I figured he would go all in anyway. I was correct and did my only successful slow playing of AA that I can recall. I completely realize the great flop is why I played the hand this way. I hope that means I am getting better at playing boards instead of trying to take them all down before or on the flop.

This chip lead didn't last long as I tried too many preflop raises with marginal / poor hands. I had plenty of chips to make it to the final table, but got stupid and greedy for some reason. I was drunk on my own power I tell ya. This is a perfect example of the other kind of tilt where you are still riding your rush versus a tilt caused by a beat. This of course quickly turns in to desperation tilt where I push with a crappy hand and Mow calls me with his QQ. This was a horribly blown opportunity to let others knock each other out and wait for a hand or two and then do some playing at the final table. Oh well, hopefully I can remember this next time. I need some more tuning up before 23Skidoo has his Atlanta bloggers home game next month. I will be playing against some of the best online players that also happen to live in Atlanta.


At 10:14 AM, Blogger mookie99 said...

Glad you were able to play in The Mookie last night.

At 10:33 AM, Blogger 23skidoo said...

The line between agresive and donkish poker is a fine one....speaking from the wrong side of it of course.

See you next month!


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