Monday, July 24, 2006

SNG Challenge

Even though I didn't register for the SNG challenge, I decided to give it a test run to see if it is something I'll try in the future. These stats don't count for anything, but I am glad I'm trying these games. I'm only doing the $1 variety since this is all my bankroll will currently allow for doing 15 straight tourneys. I will post my results here and just refresh as I add more completions:

1) 12th I played this one really well but then turned greedy and got caught.
2) 16th I was playing pretty well but eventually ran out of cards and blinds.
3) 23rd It seems I'm slipping, but when you the flop trips up your pocket queens, who knew the BB / chipleader was holding K 10 for the nut straight? I felt really great about my play and just ran into the wrong hand against the wrong chipstack.
4) 28th Booooo!


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