Monday, July 10, 2006

So Many People...So Few Teeth

Stacie and I did some work around the house this weekend. I finished staining our deck and she did a bunch of gardening. To help in future landscape maintenance, we had some poured concrete edging done around all of our beds in the front yard. It turned out very nice and we are excited about keeping the grass out of the beds and the mulch contained.

When I wasn't working in the yard, I watched a little poker and 3 Brave's games. Stacie and I watched The Matador at our neighbor's house. I really enjoy my setup, but they've got the kickin' home theater with nice chairs, overhead projector, big screen (7-10 ft), and a great surround system so we enjoy heading over there to watch a flick every now and then. We all really enjoyed the movie. I thought Pierce Brosnan did a good job trying something a little outside of what we normally see him doing. We also watched Elizabethtown. We both really enjoyed it and I thought Kirsten Dunst was perfect for her role. I think Alec Baldwin is terrific in any movie that he plays the boss. I loved his performances in The Cooler, Along Came Polly, Fun With Dick and Jane, and Elizabethtown.

Even with everything we did get done, we didn't plan very our weekend very well because we missed the social event of the year. Yee-haw! Yes the General Lee was present.


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