Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Maybe next time

I'm back to having a good time in the WWDN. I tried not to get too tricky early on and pay more attention to the table. Of course that didn't mean I wasn't going to try and have some fun and splash around a bit.

My scariest play was trying to take the hammer for a deep bluff and was able to successfully get him to fold on the turn or river. This didn't work very well last week against Surflexus, but it sure was exciting.

Warning, half ass hand history ahead...........I thought I was gonna make it to at least the first break this time. At the last hand before the break, I was about to make that comment in the chat when I got pocket jacks on the button. With blinds at 50/100, UTG opens for 400. It folded around to me and I decided to push my 1700(?) and see if I can maybe take it right there or possibly double up with what I thought was the best hand. He went in the tank and decided to call with A 10 offsuit. This made me feel good about my read / guess. If I remember correctly, the flop came in his favor by pairing the A and 10 but giving me 1 away from the flush. My flush was made on the turn and I went Yippee, but that quickly turned to filth, flarn, filth when the second 10 came on the board to give him the boat on the river. That one really hurt and I was in a foul mood for a few minutes. I was over it pretty quickly because I had stuck to my game plan and remembered how I made it that far. This was certainly not a case of questioning his call since I realized that my previous actions (picking up 3 blinds in a row uncontested) would make someone suspicious of my raises. The other reason I didn't question his call is because it's ultimately his perogative. If someone wants to call my all-in with 2,3 off and they hit something, good for them, bad for me. It sucks, but you gotta remember that this can happen at any time. Sometimes somebody "just wants to gamble" or they are ready to be done for the night and sometimes they just read / misread you. Hey, at least I wasn't holding KK, right? This is also a case that maybe I should have just raised a little and seeing the A on the flop would have saved me some dough to fight another time. Maybe I was the one willing to gamble or cut out and go to bed. I don't think this was the case, but I'm sure someone thinks there was a better way to play this. That's the beauty of poker, everybody has their own methods and styles. We can all read the same books and still look different on the felt. Otherwise, just program a bot to bet high hands, fold low hands and see if it makes you any money. Pretty boring huh?

As everyone knows, I don't play very often and my inexperience shows, but I really enjoy playing. I want to thank everyone that stops by and maybe you see a little of your past self in my play or retelling of hand histories. I don't know that I will ever dedicate enough time or money to get anywhere near the quality of the high profile bloggers, but if I can catch enough crumbs to keep playing with this community, I consider it time well spent. Even if I never blogged about my limited poker encounters again, I would still read my bloglines every day possible. In fact after reading the posts of others, mine feel very insignificant, but hey, maybe I say enough to interest others. If nothing else, I enjoy saying it and it helps me track my progress.

Maybe I'll do a little better in the Mookie tonight, if I play. I might be in bed and since I haven't won any money in a while, but bankroll is drying up pretty quick. Then again, I could definately use some practice before the ATL blogger game this Saturday.


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