Monday, June 05, 2006

Maybe I should be "Opposite Brian"

I was in the mood to try a little poker last night. Since I got lucky at a 18 person SNG a while back, I had a few dollars over at Full Tilt. I tried one of the 6 dollar token games and was promptly spanked. Since I was first out and that left me time to try a small SNG, I said "hey, it's only money." I was doing a little better during the second game. I was up to about T2200, did a nice preflop raise, and bet out big on a A,K,X board while holding Q,J. Unfortunately, the big blind found AA and my straight never completed. Yes, I am just the fish you are looking for. This hurt my stack, but the big hurt was when I lost focus and tried to bluff a really big stack on a flush board. I really wasn't thinking here and didn't put all of the pieces together. I have definitely swung to the the loose / idiotic side of aggressive and it is costing me. My next approach is to either hire a monkey to push the buttons or be "opposite Brian" and do just the opposite of my final decision. It's not like I don't see my mistakes, I just am not doing a good job of avoiding them. I am trying to get to higher level thinking, but it seems to be making my brain and bankroll hurt.

For unrelated reasons, I won't be in Wil's Tuesday game. My buddy and I are going to watch the Underworld sequel. I loved the first one and have been waiting for the second to come on DVD. It's time to start my summer action rentals. Stacie and I watched an old movie of Wil's last night. Toy Soldiers was on the Universal HD channel. I hadn't seen it in years. Other than too many shots of teenage boys in their briefs, I enjoyed it. It was very interesting to see a work of fiction from 15 years ago have foreshadowing to our current environment / concerns. (1)The terrorists came by truck across the border and (2) wired the school for explosives like in Russia a few years ago. Unfortunately, that one didn't have the Hollywood ending.


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