Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Results from the weekend

The weather here in Atlanta was just too nice to not be outside. We did a little yardwork, played with Dundee and her pal Sasha, and I got the lawn mower ready for this season. I really should have ridden the motorcycle more but I did go for a quick hour ride on Sunday. I did some exploring around the "covered bridge" area in Cobb County. It is a beautiful area that has some nice homes tucked in to some very wooded lots.

I did enter a low buy-in SNG on Saturday night and managed to take 1st. Money wise, it was a small win, but as long as I stay on the positive side I am thrilled. I'll use this win to pay my way to Wil's weekly Tuesday game. I haven't decided if I am going back to my good luck chocolate chip cookies or start drinking the little Guinness bottles during play. Wish me luck.


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