Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vegas Trip Report Part 2

I slept in quite a bit on Sunday and after another great breakfast at Bill’s, "Main Event" Mike and I headed over to the Rio to see some WSOP Main Event action. He had obviously seen it before, but it was new for me. When we were about to walk up the red carpet, we ran in to Isabelle Mercier and Mike wanted a picture with her. She was very sweet and posed with him. She is a beautiful lady and Mike’s shorts were pretty much done after that. We walked around the exhibition hall and talked for a few moments with Scotty Nguyen and Mike got another picture. Thankfully, he didn’t have quite the same response that he did to Isabelle. Kenna James was hanging around another booth. We then headed down the hall to the Amazon Room.

Phil Ivey was at the first table we came to and while I was standing there I saw Sir Al so I walked around the table to say hello. I thanked him for the work he did for the BBT3, even though I didn’t participate. Due to my schedule, he was the only blogger I saw during my trip. We walked up to the Beast Lounge and watched Helmuth for a little while at the TV table until Mark Seif busted. Moneymaker was below us and it looks like he has lost a fair amount of weight. We left the observation area and wandered around some more until we were corralled out at the break. Before we left, we stopped and watched a few players. Jennifer Tilly was looking nice in her cowboy hat. Johnny Chan was heading back to his table. In the hallway we saw Jamie Gold and Annie Duke at the PPA booth. Andy Bloch and Dario passed us heading to the restrooms. Andy is much taller than I thought he was. Dario is pretty much what I was expecting. As the players were waiting to go back in to the ballroom, I was standing next to Chris Ferguson. I wanted to congratulate him on his NBC Heads Up win, but he was already signing autographs and I didn't want to disturb him. We had had enough of watching poker pros, so we went back to the strip.

"Main Event" Mike entered the 7 PM Caesar's again and Birthday Mike and Chris did some more 3/6 limit. I was taking it easy for the night and did 1/2 NL back at Bally's. I could never get much going and after playing for about 4 hours I had finally exhausted my buy-in. I got crushed in my last hand. The guy to my right was down to about $45 and was playing fairly tight and open pushed. I had pocket queens so I pushed in my last $65 hoping to just go heads up with him. The new girl to my immediate left quickly said "call" so I knew I was pretty much dead. As we table our cards, the initial raiser had pocket 10s, me with queens, and the second caller had a pair of kings. A 10 hit on the flop and I didn't suck out so the main pot shipped to the initial raiser and the side pot went to the young English lady.

My bustout happened around 12:30 AM so it seemed like a good time to get to bed and get ready for our getawy last day. We didn't do much except get a bite to eat and return the car to Chad. He then took us to the airport and I finally crashed in my own bed around midnight local time on Monday night. It was a great trip and I look forward to the next one, maybe in December.


At 1:37 PM, Blogger drewspop said...

Sounds like a fun trip. I am going in 3 weeks myself. Can't wait!


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