Saturday, June 07, 2008

Fun Friday Night

I had a blast last night with Kaj's neighbors in Bryant's bar / basement. The boys over there really know how to do a man den right. I have been impressed with all of their basements. The format and location made for a great drinking environment.

We played a couple of full table tourneys and thanks to 2 river suckouts for me, my cashing in his hood continued. Unlike the Braves, I can win on the road. I bombed out of the first game early, but took 1st place money in the second one. Bobby and I got heads up and he said Kaj's favorite word, "chop." I gave Bobby 10 bucks off of the top prize and we called it a night.

Kaj cracked us up when he put us "on notice" at the beginning of the second game that he had had a few drinks. Although he was a little buzzed from the beer and vodka, he was no where near one of the other regulars. By the time we got to 4 handed, he was raising without looking at his cards and folding his big blind preflop when the pot hadn't been raised. The kicker for the night was when he also mucked the tying hand after it was checked down on the river because he was sure he was beat. As we were leaving, we actually searched the yard to make sure he wasn't passed out somewhere in the grass.

Hopefully I can turn last night's profit in to a little more during live play this month. This will come in handy for my trip next month. I've been checking out the tournament schedule and would like to play 1 or 2 lower buy-in games while in Vegas along with a few shots at the cash games. I will be practicing a little over the next coming weeks. Since I do it so infrequently, I think I will just go with the nut peddling approach and see how that works.

For this upcoming trip, it looks like I'll be doing some recreational flying Saturday morning before it gets too hot, Sunday may be Lake Mead day, rides at the Stratosphere Sunday night, watch some of the Main Event at the Rio, and squeeze in some card playing at different intervals throughout the weekend.

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