Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Well That Didn't Go As Planned

I can't recap much, because I didn't last very long. It was great to meet ISS Spock. Unfortunately for him, he fell victim to the long distance commute curse and was our Gigli. I went out shortly after him and spent the next few hours playing host until the cash game started.

Surflexus absolutely owned me during the cash game. If I called, he had me. If I folded, he showed the bluff. A few crucial hands with him and APOSEC72 changed me from doubling up to losing half of my buy-in.

Since we stayed up so late, Spock and I didn't take a long ride in north GA on Sunday. Instead, I took him around the area and through Buckhead for a few hours tour. I'm hoping he enjoyed his trip up and meeting some of the other ATL bloggers like Weak (who's back to blogging now) and Kaj.


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