Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We've Seen a Few Movies Lately

Since so many shows were in repeats, we've had more time to watch some of the latest flicks on DVD.

The Departed - Very good movie. I don't know that I am interested in a sequel to it. It had a good finish and let's just leave it alone. I am interested in seeing the next American remake of another film by the Japanese team that that did this originally. I forgot which one they are doing next.

Hollywoodland - Another good movie. Very story driven and I think Ben Affleck did a great job.

The Illusionist - I am a big Ed Norton fan and it didn't hurt that Jessica Biel was in it either. Neither one of them disappointed and we thought the movie turned out well.

Little Miss Sunshine - This is a movie that we were told we would love it or hate it. I wasn't strong one way or another. I am leaning more to the positive review with some hilarious moments, but I wouldn't call it a comedy. I think Greg Kinnear is great in everything he does. Although I thought Alan Arkin was good, I don't see why he won an Oscar for his part. He's not in it that much and he just plays a dirty old man. How hard is that? The ending of this movie shows why beauty pagents for little girls are just plain wrong. I can't believe these parents that dress up their kids to look like little whores. I couldn't but help to think of JonBenet Ramsey while watching the final scenes.

An Unfinished Life - We watched this on the plane on my portable DVD player. It helped pass the time on the flight to Phoenix. It was similar in feel to Ulee's Gold. It was a good movie that didn't require the surround sound or big screen to enjoy.

The Prestige - This came out about the same time as The Illusionist and was also about magicians. The story, characters, and actors were different enough that we enjoyed it without thinking it was too much like the other. With the actors and mood of the film, you could tell this was done by the same team that did Batman Begins.

Rocky Balboa - A good ending to the franchise. It had more of the feel of the first movie.

Casino Royale - A good rebirth for the franchise. I like how they were thinking out of the box by starting fresh, but keeping up to date. I never thought about any of the other actors while watching this, so I guess that means I have accepted Daniel Craig as the "new" Bond.

Pursuit of Happyness - Wil Smith does a great job with a good story. It just confirms that I am a lazy ass.

Blood Diamond - This movie really makes you want to go out and buy that big ole sparklie doesn't it? I did enjoy this movie, but I think I am about done watching movies about how fucked up parts of Africa really are. It's like our old wild west, but with machetes and machine guns.

We have had a good run of movies lately and I haven't been disappointed with a pick in a while.

Action movies I watched by myself:

Team America: World Police - First thing I can say is "Fuck Yeah" If you've seen it, and you should, you'll get it. This was a very funny movie. I realize I am late to the party with this one, but you could watch this thing over and over and it would still be funny.

The Protector - Just in time for Jet Li to retire, there is a new bad ass out of Thailand. I enjoyed this movie and it was very impressive considering there was very little wire work.

Crank - Ridiculous but fun. Jason Statham was perfect for this movie.

300 - This is the first film I have seen in a theater since Star Wars: Episode 3. It was as awesome as I was expecting. It was as visually stunning as everyone had said. The story was great and it was just what my buddy and I were looking for in a non-wife movie. As a side note, I was stunned when I found out later who the actors were that played the King and the Persian God.


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I frequently say "That's like 9/11 times 1,000 ... or 911,000." LOL


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