Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Maybe A Little Too Much Change

Since I have been such a wuss on the felt lately, I decided to be more aggressive in the WWDN last night. It was working pretty well, especially when I really had something to back it up. Then my inability to mix things up in the same game became a little more obvious. I think I was able to avoid some bigger hurts by folding some good but probably beat hands with bigger pocket pairs. I was definitely setting myself up for a trap. Ultimately, I was not able to make it to the first break and I continue to watch my bankroll dwindle.

I jumped in to a $5 SNG after I was knocked out and didn't last too long in it either. My top 2 pair got rivered by a better second pair. The thing that stuck out the most to me during the game was the how easy it was to spot someone with pocket Aces. The first was an UTG limp in the second round of blinds, someone raise, then UTG goes all in. The second was raise preflop in early position and then pushed as the the first bettor on the flop. Hopefully this mean I am improving if I can begin to see things that I used to do and it helps me figure out someone's holdings.

While playing in the SNG, I was watching Wil's table since he was still in and doing well. The observer chat aimed towards him is usually harmless and it's just fans asking the same questions over and over, but a few last night got downright nasty towards him. He finally had enough and asked one in particular to stop. Wil has always been very friendly to both the players and observers, but I can completely understand if he decided to stop hosting these, or just turned off observer chat while playing. It's not just the mean people that make it less fun. One guy took up most of the chat space with a "guess my name game" that was just completely ridiculous and had nothing to do with Wil's game. And of course there is the "give me $1 guys" that always show up at these tournaments. I don't understand whats going on with these people. I guess since they can, they will, but it seems like there are better things to do with your time. Maybe I'm thinking I'm part of the "in" crowd too much and some of these others are just intruding on "our" game, but then I remember that I am now playing on Pokerstars because of Wil. This is exactly why he is part of Team Pokerstars and hopefully he will continue to hang with us on Tuesdays and we can go back to the fun dialogue among the players and railbirds that has been there in the past.


At 11:36 AM, Blogger TripJax said...

Give me $1.

At 1:06 PM, Blogger BrainMc said...

Only if you tell me you loved me in "Stand by Me"


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