Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sending Out the Scouts

As I took Dundee out to the back yard yesterday, a male hummingbird immediately made his presence known and demanded I begin the feeding season. He will probably be our sole visitor for about 3 weeks until the rest of the little buggers get the message. It's cool how they remember where the feeders were last year.

Spring is in full bloom and the backyard is looking great. We're having a few days of hellacious wind though. The temps are getting back to normal after the cold front passed, and it makes for some brisk long walks in the evenings. We still haven't had enough rain to knock the pollen down to a reasonable level.

Some of us are now beginning to work from home for a week at a time and I drew the first week of the rotation. I hope to be able to continue to work from home at least 1 week every 2 months. It has been great to have a nice view out the window, watch TV during lunch, and not have to worry about traffic. Today was an especially horrid traffic day in our area because Six Flags had free admission. This absolutely locked down the west side of town. It took Stacie 45 minutes to make it the 6 miles to work. In contrast, the rest of the week has been about 12 minute commutes since it is spring break.


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