Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Little Rest and a Luau

By Wednesday, we were spent. We didn’t have anything planned so we walked down to the Hilton. That place was awesome! It’s so big they have their own monorail, canal boats, lagoon, waterfall, and dolphin exhibit. If you’ve got the cash, stay at this place. After exploring the resort, we went back to our place for a nap. I hate napping in the room while on vacation, but we hit that wall and the fun wouldn’t begin again until we got some rest.

Instead of having a rehearsal dinner, Chad’s dad treated us to a luau at the Marriott. That was extremely nice of him and it was probably something we would have never experienced if they hadn’t put it together. It started shortly after the best sunset we witness for our entire vacation. The weather was perfect and this contributed to an enjoyable show under an amazing amount of stars. It consisted of the usual dancing and of course the fire wielding stud. Stacie and I agreed that the pig was the best pork we have ever eaten. I did try a mai tai, but had to pass on the poi. When the luau completed, we headed over to the bar for more drinks and do some toasts.


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