Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Aloha Kauai, Aloha Hawaii

Monday was a travel day for us. We did an inter-island flight to go from Kauai to Hawaii with the obligatory stopover in Honolulu again (it’s like the Atlanta of the islands when flying). We landed in Kona, picked up our rental car and headed out to scout the area. We were going to get the new Wrangler, but since our stuff would be in the car all day Friday, we decided that a Pontiac G6 would be more secure.

We went out for supplies at a local grocery store before settling in to our condo. We stayed at the Fairway Villas near the Hilton and Marriot. We were very impressed with our place. We got a 2 bedroom condo and were sharing it with another couple that was also attending the wedding. We went to bed early after eating dinner so we would be ready for our 7 AM launch for the fishing trip. You will be impressed with catches our boat made.

Even though we had been in the islands for about 5 days, this was the first day we were able to see a sunrise. The weather had not cooperated enough to see one earlier, but our last morning in Kauai had a beautiful pink cotton candy awakening. The weather on the big island was much better and since we were staying on the west side of the island, we saw our first sunset. It was great to watch the sun rise while on Kauai and then finish with a great sunset on Hawaii.


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