Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weekend in the Smoky Mountains

Stacie and I went with another couple up to Sylva / Bryson City / Cherokee, NC over the weekend. We were worried about the gas shortage but couldn't cancel our reservations so we loaded up and hoped there would be plentiful fuel at our destination.

It was a good weekend to do a little hiking and chill out in a cabin in the woods. We hit a few waterfalls while we were out enjoying nature. There is not as much water flowing at the end of the summer and the falls were a little dry but weather was great.

We stopped in the Harrah's Cherokee Casino for a few minutes. It is nothing but video poker, slots, and digital blackjack with live dealers. You can forget about getting a drink while you're feeding the one armed bandits because the reservation is dry. I had the Midas touch and turned my 10 bucks in to 13 and Stacie kept saying "cash out" so we bailed. There really wasn't anything interesting enough to keep us there and the cigarette smoke was overpowering.
We didn't fill up the tank when we left North Carolina and were running on fumes by the time we got home. Once we were about 30 miles north of Atlanta the gas stations were either empty or they had a line stretching way down the road. Fortunately, it was our friends extra car so they had enough gas in their other vehicles to make it to work this week. Officials are telling us that we should be back to normal gas supplies in 1-2 weeks. If we don't see any stations open soon, we will have to postpone our trip to Stacie's mother's house again this weekend.


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