Friday, September 19, 2008

Walking for Boobies

Well, this is the big weekend. Tomorrow morning at 6:00 I will begin a 30-mile journey with a group of about 1500 people who all have a common goal: to raise awareness of and to fight against breast cancer. I am very excited and looking forward to being a part of this experience. I expect it to be emotional, uplifting, inspiring and exhausting, and I can't wait to do it! I have been training for months and have already walked over 100 miles total. I am ready for this walk, but I'm not ready for breast cancer - for me or for anyone else I know. Knowing even one person who has battled it already is one too many.

I'm walking this walk for my aunt, a breast cancer survivor, and for all the other women out there who have survived it and for all of those who sadly lost the fight. I'm also walking it for all of us who have so far been free and clear, with hopes that we can stay that way through early detection and treatment.

I am happy to report that I have raised over $2000 for this cause, and so far the Atlanta 2 Day Breast Cancer Walk has raised over $4 million!

Now I ask of you: at some point this weekend while you're watching football or playing poker or mowing the lawn or whatever else you may be doing, stop and think about all the people who have been touched by breast cancer in one way or another. And think about the 1500+ people who will be walking and walking and walking to make a difference!

You better believe at the end of this 30-miles, there will be a very large glass of wine waiting for me. (That's your hint Brian.) :-) Oh, and the Tivo-ed Auburn/LSU game!


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