Thursday, May 08, 2008

Just Playing Crazy

I had a blast in the Bodonkey this week. I decided to see alot of flops early when they were cheap. This paid off as I doubled up early when I flopped a straight flush draw and hit the flush on the turn. This put me in an even looser mood. I had no problem limping with suited connectors and hit 2 more straight flush draw flops. I quickly gave back half of my stack when I hit the straight on my second draw with a paired board. On the river, there was a half pot bet, raise (pokerpeaker), then I pushed over the top since I had them both covered and my head up my ass. The original raiser had a boat that was higher than peaker's and I've got nothing but a handful of Johnson.

So now I'm knocked back to around a little more than a starting stack. I get KK under the gun and raise it. It fold around to the big blind and he calls. The flop comes with an Ace and I c-bet it. I'm trying not to be scared everytime an A hits while I have pocket Kings. The BB calls, but I keep at it and when another A hits on the river, I think it's even less likely that he has one. The only thing less likely is me getting my shit together in these situations. So he shows his 3 Aces and I get knocked down a little more.

I made a comment to my fun nemesis, Love_Elf, that we didn't need another set over set situation again. As soon as I typed it, I was dealt pocket sixes and hit another on a Jack high flop. I bet in to her and shen thought for a little while and then folded. I told her that if she had pocket Jacks there I was going to puke.

Another bad play of mine during the night came against Elf. It was just the 2 of us heads up and I flop a flush draw with an A on the board. I suck at the details, but basically she min raised and I called with the intent of firing another bullet on the river to get her to fold a weak Ace. I talked myself out of it when I started to think that she might have 2 pair. I didn't test her like I should have and I looked like a big ole donkey. There were so many things that I did wrong in that hand that I hope I learned at least a little there.

Now I'm a shorty and pooooosh with the almight A,5 and Elf wakes up with JJ in the big blind. I swear I'm just going to start copying and pasting my old posts, because the stories are all the same. JJ works for everyone but me! She even hit another to kill my 3 outs.

I am going to jinx myself here and say that I will final table next week. I don't think I'm mathematically eliminated from the TOC just yet, so that's something to continue to shoot for. Even if I don't make the TOC, winning 109 tournament dollars will get me back above my initial investment.


At 12:18 PM, Blogger iamhoff said...

JJ has never been OK for me either. And there's nothing more painful than betting up kings only to see an ace fall on the flop. Das pokah, I suppose.


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