Friday, April 11, 2008


My brother and his family were in for a visit over the weekend. Stacie and my sister in-law spent Saturday touring wineries around Dahlonega so he and I stayed around the house with the kids. While my nephew watched The Magical Singing Rodents, I suggested my brother watch me play a sit and go to get him some more experience. He doesn't get to play very often, so I am trying to help him with the basics. I played (3) $5 SNGs and placed 3rd, 1st, and 2nd. Along the way, I explained why I was doing things and the value of some hands. I am not an expert and don't read any poker books, so I let him know that this is what works for me in the small dollar single table games. Any info was more than he had already, so I wanted to help.

I have decided to make the move to the $5 SNGS from the 1 and 2 dollar games because I think my skill level allows me to play here. My goal is to be able to successfully do the $20 variety on a regular basis. I think the $10 level will be the biggest test. At that level, I have to start improving my game and decide if I want to take it more serious.

Last night, I helped my brother set up his Yahoo messenger and showed him how to use the software and filters on the play money side of Pokerstars. Our goal was to get in a play money SNG together and get him more familiar with the game and interface. Yeah, I know, collusion, please don't report me. For some reason, he was not able to register for a table as quickly as I could, so we couldn't get seated at the same game. He decided to just watch me play and I would tell him my hole cards and walk him through my game. I busted out midway in the first one so we tried it again. He wasn't able to get in, so he watched me play another one. I played this one very well, but wanted to share with you the worst fold I have ever seen in a game. I can only assume that he hit the wrong button. I had just lost an all in to his straight, but it didn't knock me out completely . With blinds at 75/150, I was in the big blind with only 30 left after posting. The small blind calls the 75 and I raise my last 30 to end this......and he folds! Uh,OK, auto all-in for the next hand......and he folds again. With my stack, I have no choice but to keep doing this. This time he calls and I have the better hand and it holds. He kept folding or losing until I got back to above 2000 and went back to my regular play. I was able to take my 30 and run it back to 6500 versus his 7000. I was absolutely amazed. I realize this is a play money, but you think that would make the game even looser. We went heads up for at least 30 minutes and it finally ended when his straight was higher than mine. If nothing else, I showed my brother the importance of aggression and not giving up the fight. That and don't play like an absolute nit.


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