Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gigli + 1.

Eh, at least I lasted longer than the world's worst poker player. I made it a quick exit from the Bodonkey last night when I pushed on the flop with bottom set on a 2,4,6 board and get called by pocket 6s. Booooooo! My alarm bells went off when Riggstad min raised the initial bettor after I checked the flop. I'm still not good enough to lay down a set, even the bottom one. I knew if I just called, I would still have all of my money in by the next 2 streets, so go ahead and try to take the pot there or hope he has a big over pair. That has been my quickest exit from a tournament in quite a while.

Since it was still early, I played my first low dollar SNG on Bodog. This time I doubled up quickly when I had top set over the poor guys middle set. I was able to sit on those chips for quite a while and with my superior play in a $4 game, I showed them what bloggers are made of when I took 1st. Ok, in reality, I had dropped down to 5th of 5 and was then able to battle my way back for the win. I'm trying to get in some practice before my trip this weekend. I am so psyched!


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