Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Poker and On Call Don't Mix

Friday after work, I drove north to 23Skidoo's place for our latest installment of the ATL Blogger's Cash Game. Also in attendance were Surf, Kuro, Weak (if he's done blogging, I'm done linking), and Surf's coworker. I was amazed that I made to a restaurant near his place in an hour considering it was Friday and raining. After an unspectacular dinner, I cruised over to his place to begin our game.

I arrived a little early and started shooting the shit with Ski and Kuro. As we were sitting at the table, I pulled out my big ass work phone. I am not on call very often but this happened to be one of my weeks. I didn't realize it was going to be my week when I said I would attend the latest Atl Blogger Big Game. I jokingly said I'm sure it will ring any minute now. That's the perfect cue as it rang 5 minutes later. By this time Surf and his buddy arrived. I delayed the game about another half an hour as I tracked down parts for the customer. I finally sat down to play, but got in less than 1 orbit before the customer told me he would take the parts we had in stock. Booooooo. So, my night is over as I trek back to the office and meet the customer. At this point I'm not about to drive another 45 minutes back to Ski's so I took by $12 profit from the game and will buy a quarter of a tank of gas.

I tried live poker again the next night. We had a few of us play a game and then moved on to cash. I know that the cards are not supposed to be the excuse for not playing, but with not much chance to do any preflop raising, I basically blinded myself out of the game. I was doing better in the cash game until I got stacked when my pocket Kings fell to the initial raiser's A,Q of clubs. Our favorite Scotsman can get a little loose when drinking, so I knew he would call. This is what I wanted, but he hit his A on the turn. The hands going to the river were insane (Hey, I hit my 4! and that kind of stuff). I knew that I could get paid if I had a good starting hand, but that was not to be. I know in the long run, I am and will continue to be ahead.

I made it past the 2nd break in the Bodonkey last night. I got too aggressive and unnecessarily pushed in my stack with the babiest of pairs and Blinders called me from the big blind with pocket Jacks. I had too many chips to do that move without a better hand. I need to work on my late play. Congrats to Dave for taking it down and to Kuro for another final table.


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