Friday, March 14, 2008

Meh, Jacks Can Kiss My Ass

I had a decent showing in the Mook. I can't credit any great play, just spectacular cards. I flopped trips 3 times and got paid on them pretty well. I hated to bust out my buddy Surf, but hopefully it gave him better focus for the 25K. I didn't have too much in the name of cards when we got to the final 2 tables and made a preflop push that ran in to the big blind's pocket Kings. This booted me out at lucky 13. That padded the ole bankroll by a buck and three quarters and score some points for the BBT3. Weeeeeeeee!

I was rocking in the Riverchasers until KngofKngs cracked my Aces with his Jacks that tripped up on the flop. He called both my raise and healthy reraise preflop. When the flop came K,10,J, I pretty much knew he had tripped up, but I figured Kings. He only had about 1400 left and the pot was over 5K so I wasn't folding. I went ahead and put him all in. He had the pocket Jacks, but I could still win with any A, or Q. The turn was a K and that increased my outs a little, but I didn't hit. That took half of my good stack, but I still had more than the starting amount. Man, if my Aces hold up there I'm in great shape for a while. Unfortunately for me, that was the turning point in the game. I never could get anything going except a few steals here and there. and eventually Gary finishes me off with his pocket Jacks. Jacks may be good for some cool dudes, but they sure have it in for me.

On a live poker note, I will be joining Surf and my neighbors for some spring break action in Biloxi next weekend. I won't be playing in the big tournament that Surf will, but I'm looking forward to some 1/2 NL and maybe some $100 tournaments. I might give one attempt at a satellite event for the Sunday night tournament, but we will have to wait and see.


At 9:37 AM, Blogger jjok said...

jacks fucking rock.....period.



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