Monday, March 17, 2008


How does an F2 tornado go through downtown Atlanta for the first time in history, strike the Georgia Dome during the SEC Championship basketball series, blow tons of metal debris around the streets, destroy buildings, blow out windows in skyscrapers cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damage and no one is killed? Amazing!

Updated: If you look to the immediate right of the tallest building on the far left, you can see the funnel that went through downtown. This guy took an awesome picture.

Under the category of what could have been, the Bama vs. MSU game was in OT and that kept tens of thousands of people indoors instead of on the street right when the tornado hit. Many people probably owe their life to the kid that hit the shot sending the game to OT. Another averted disaster was at the Old Mill Lofts in Cabbagetown. One of the buildings lost the roof and most of the floors collapsed on top of each other. Fortunately this building was still under renovation and most of the upper units had not been rented or sold.

If that wasn't enough, Saturday brought another round. This time at least 2 people were killed in areas north of town. Check out this powerful cell that blew through.

After they showed the paths of the 24 hours worth of storms and tornadoes, we realized how close everything was and how lucky we were and went practically untouched. Our community was sandwiched in between most of the strong cells. We mainly had lightning Friday night and 15 minutes of strong wind and hail on Saturday, but that was about it.

The week previous a tornado touched down in a neighboring city while we were having our big game at Kaj's. We figured we were a safe as we could be in his basement, but we were calling home to tell our families to take cover for a little while. This is the most tornado activity that I can ever remember.


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That's been some crazy stuff, B. Glad to hear you came through it ok.


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