Friday, February 29, 2008

I Finally Found A Fish......Not Me This Time

With a win from a $2 10 person SNG, I took my $10 prize to the cash table. I was up to as much as 14, but my normal cash play kicked in and I dropped to around 5. I was about to call it a night when this guy shows up with his multidollar raises preflop and on the flop. I had found the elusive chip spewing, cash-reloading, crazy raising carp. I've heard that they exist, but I've never seen one without looking in a mirror.

I've only played cash online a few dozen times and nothing above the .05/.10 level and a $10 buy-in. I'm usually the one losing my buy-in slowly over the course of a few hours, but this mad man was begging to be stacked. So when I saw someone that made me excited about the opportunity to cash, you know he was insane. I channelled a limping / trapping style of Hellmuth and waited patiently. I let many dimes pass until I had a good hand and then let him do his usual raises. Preflop, he would raise any where from 2-5 dollars when there was only 15 cent in the pot. Other than a brutal suckout and a kicker problem on my 3 of a kind, most of my hands would hold up when I pushed back at him. I was able to run my low of $5 up to $30 before he sat out and quit donating to us.

The great thing about increasing this bankroll is because it has been a freeroll from day 1. I opened up an account with OddsMaker after they sent me a $50 free deposit in the mail. "Main Event" Mike got the same deal and after running up to a couple of hundred, he cashed out. I also see Kaj took advantage of the offer. Not bad for some absolutely free money with no strings attached. Maybe I can run this up to a few hundred and then get it to Full Tilt so I can join the BBT3 fun. It's been said tons already, but thanks to Al and the fellas for putting this together. It is amazing how big this thing has gotten.


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