Thursday, October 11, 2007

Home Game Fun And I Will Be Smited For This Bragging

I hosted our latest stop on the Neighborhood Poker League Tour last week. Stacie was originally scheduled to be out of town for the night, but her plans changed and she came back a day earlier. I didn't want a bunch of loud guys keeping her awake, so we held it down in the basement. Unlike some of the other bloggers, my basement is still unfinished so I was apprehensive about the setting. It turned out fine since the weather was nice and we just had a window fan running. I am lacking a bathroom down there so people still had to go up a level for that, but it did cut down on the noise and we didn't disturb Stacie. Maybe this will encourage other guys in my neighborhood to host during the week especially in the cooler fall weather.

We had a lucky 13 show up including APOSEC72. The play was solid as usual and the wooly action never really kicked in until we consolidated to 1 table. A suited hammer was more successful than pocket Aces which were 0 for 3. APOSEC72 cracked the first pair when he hit 2 pair on the flop after David limped with them from the button. "Main Event" Mike and his preflop push with pocket tens crippled Chris and his rockets after the 10 hit on the flop. David was able to get his chips back when his pocket Kings overcame APOSEC72's pocket Aces. I lost a race with Rich and did my usual middle bust out. I've really got to change this pattern. The top three finishers were no strangers to the money. "Main Event" Mike continues to dominate with his 5th win / 6th cash in the 12 games he's played. David now sits at #2 on the money list after joining the league midway through the season. Rich continues to hang in long enough to gain good points and grab a little cash as well. I am in danger of losing my spot to the Tournament of Champions if I don't have at least one good showing before the year ends. Maybe I can get a sponsor's exemption for running the league. I'll talk to the Tournament Director about that. LOL.

A few nights later it was time for the monthly game down the street in Kaj's neighborhood. We played two 9 handed tournies with the payouts at 20, 60, 100. In the first game, pocket Kings 4 times including 2 hands back to back allowed me to pound the table early. I caught some good cards in the first game, but probably played better in the second one. I shocked the table when, as barely chip leader, I folded to Alan's UTG push with my 44 in the big blind. I put him on a pocket pair and even if he had A,5 or better, I didn't want to risk that much of my stack on a race at best. He told Kaj he had Aces so good fold me! It was my own fault he was still even in the hand because I showed my Ace, rag fold after I thought everyone was all in. Turns out Alan was still deciding the call and when he saw I folded one of his outs he bailed as well. I love showing how stupid I can be when I'm trying to show how smart I am. My excellent streak continued as I chopped the first game taking 70 to ?s 90 and then the second game I took the 90 with Bobby getting the 70. Since Labor Day, I have chopped for first 5 out of 6 times over there. This game has been funding my neighborhood game so I'm still up for the year. It also helps that they are a fun bunch of people doing shots of Patron during a game helps liven up the action.

Who needs a casino when you have so many bloggers hosting various types of games? The Poker Cat Arena was open Tuesday night for low stakes and I wanted to get my cash game on. We played a variety of games short handed I cashed out for almost 5 buy-ins. This was truly the case of the perfect storm of good cards, good reads, and good folds. I like playing with these guys but since it goes a little late and it's downtown, I only make it to about 1 every other month.


At 3:19 PM, Blogger KajaPoker said...

You run so goot it's kinda scary. I totally forgot that you folded that hand face up. Other than one "crooked eye Brian" incident that might have been the most hilarious part of the evening. Maybe we should rename you "fold'em face up Brian" from now on?

At 11:07 AM, Blogger "The Rake" said...

Bragging about poker is always a killer.


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