Friday, September 21, 2007

Softball Is Kicking My Butt

My neighbor invited me to join his co-ed softball team this season. I have never played on a regular team and I haven't swung a bat in over almost 10 years, but I instantly accepted his invitation. I used to play rec sandpit volleyball and I've always enjoyed team sports. We had our first game last night and after a rocky first inning, we pulled it together and got a win. I went 4 for 4 with a couple of RBIs. Not bad for my first time since Clinton was in office.

I've never been a muscular guy, but I consider myself to be athletic and coordinated. Flexibility however has always escaped me. This showed up on my first swing of the bat. I am the lead off hitter and got a sweet first pitch. I swung and hit a solid single to left center. By the time I got to first base, my left hand and right foot was killing me. At the time, I wondered if I broke a little bone in one of them. I was pretty sure I hadn't, but my next three hits were done a little more softly due to the pain in my hand. I probably just jammed something some how. My age is also starting to show because by the end of the game, I was a sore puppy all over. It is that kind of funny pain as your walking up the stairs after exerting yourself too much. It makes you hurt, but also laugh at yourself for looking like your 80. I could use some windsprints to help out with playing right field and running up to catch pop flies. I popped a couple of Aleve before going to bed and I woke up feeling much better than I had expected. My thighs are a little stiff and my soreness on my left hand has localized to just my thumb. I'm sure by next Thursday, I'll be ready for action again.

Stacie's mother is still in town, so date night will probably be postponed. If that is the case, I'll see some of you in Kat's rebuy.


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