Monday, October 08, 2007

September Finished Well

I finished out September playing at a Mexican place down the street. "Main Event" Mike and I decided to try the bar league and I was lucky enough to take first out of 4 full tables. Mike went out somewhere in the middle. For first place, I got $20 bar credit and a seat to the "final" tournament. Prizes will be awarded for those that place in the final event including $1K and a trip to the Bahamas for first place. That would be a nice prize for a freeroll.

The play there was not the best. You catch middle pair on the flop, no problem, hang around, it'll be good. I made it to the final table 9/9 and here is the most glaring example I can remember of the skill level. The blinds are at 200/400 and I have 1400. On the second hand, I am UTG+1 and have pocket Aces, so I push. It folds all the way around and somebody wanted to see the board dealt out and see what they would have missed. I guess someone was holding another Ace because he groaned with the board showed one as well. I showed the table the other 2 and half of them asked me why I didn't limp. Sure, I'll let all of you calling stations come along and hit 2 pair on me when I have barely over 3X the big blind! I knew right then, I had a shot at taking this down. Things went my way at that's exactly what happened. We got to heads up and I had the chip advantage. The other guy said I could take 1st place money if he could take the 1st place spot and give it to someone else. I said I didn't care as long as I got 1st place money and a spot in the final table. The "tournament director" said the top 3 got spots so I agreed, but remained confused about why the guy wanted to give away the top spot when his was just as good. Who knows, I was ready to be done.


At 2:19 PM, Blogger KajaPoker said...

Nice job Brain. All this and you cashed twice last Friday in our donk-tastic homegame? You're on a roll biatch!


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