Thursday, April 16, 2009

Little Investment, Nice Return

I realize the best way to activate the Doom Switch is to talk about your successes but I’ve been running good lately. I have only played 4 sessions in the last month and they have all been profitable.

A few weeks ago I played the Brit Blogger Game for an inexpensive shot at a TOC seat for BBT4. I didn’t get a seat but I still managed to finish 5th for a little cash. I haven’t played many blogger tournaments in quite a while but I would like get back in to them. I will probably wait until the BBT is over and the mood is friendlier again. The Mookie is one of my favorites, but when I do well, it completely screws up my sleep. I just don’t see how so many players can stay up that late and be functional the next day at work. I am absolutely amazed at the players with kids or those that get ripped while they are playing. If I have anything to drink any more you can write off the next day until at least noon. Somehow it is not unusual for tons of people to do this many nights a week.

We had our monthly game in Kajagugu’s neighborhood 2 weeks ago and I had a rough start. We started a little after 8:00 and I was joking that I would be able to make it to a 9:00 show after my first 2 hands. Well it turns out I had enough time to still get popcorn and a coke before the previews would even start. Everyone knows I would rather play poker than go to the movies so I waited around for the cash game to start. I’m glad I did. Even though we were short handed and we played for less than an hour, I was still able to win back my tournament buy-in and bounty pay-out. Good times! I think within the first few hands while we were 3 handed it was my pocket aces against Ken’s pocket queens. We finished the game with my boat besting Cindy’s flush. It was a case of catching the right cards when my opponent also had a great hand. We continued to the second tournament of the night with enough people to fill 1 table. I made it to head’s up with Kaj. He made short work of our session but I was happy to walk away with a profit after my abysmal start for the evening. It’s funny how things can turn around with a new game or two.

My online success continued with my minimal investment and maximum return in the Friday Night Donkament. I did the initial max buy-in for 2 bucks, 1 more for tournament fee, and said “what the hey” and did 1 more buck for the add on. Investing only 4 dollars this week was a little different that last month when I was good for $26 to do my usual finish as bubble boy. Even though I wasn’t in the push every hand mode, I still had a blast. I always enjoy being on BDR with Buddy, Joanada, NumbBono, Muhctim, and Oh Captain. I was lucky enough to take it down for a terrific return on my investment. Since I’m now flush with cash and Stacie was away for the weekend, it was easy to talk me in to register for games I’m not familiar playing. We swarmed a 2-7 SNG table and I quickly bombed out when I made to low straights right off the bat. It is so funny to see a SNG with 6 bloggers and 2 citizens. I’m sure they are wondering how so many people would have railbirds for a $1 sit and go at 1:00 AM. When this game finished we were able to completely occupy a 6 man HORSE SNG. Contrary to what the odds would say, Numb did not win this one and instead, I came out the victor. I think I had the advantage of inexperience and that allowed me to chase my draws and not recognize when I should be folding.

I'll finish out my winning post with the live game we had a "Main Event" Mike's last Saturday. We had 2 full tables and a buy-in that was double our normal one. I played this one well enough to claim third for 2.5 times my buy-in. I didn't have too many hands to worry about and I tried to keep a small pot approach. After I doubled up with Kings, I push my luck against Matt with pocket jacks. With an overpair to the flop and twice as many chips, I pushed Matt all in. He thought for a moment and called with his KK. I hit my 2 outer on the river and I rode my healthy stack to the money. I should have played better when we were short handed, but I will work on that.


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