Monday, February 04, 2008

Funding My Way To Bodog

Well, I'm finally going to deposit in to my Bodog account and I guess the timing is great. I have tried a couple of times in the past, but my credit card companies have never played nice so I am going to do the Moneygram thing for the min deposit. I have made enough with live play this week to cover the deposit and wire fee. I thought about doing the $200 because Bodog will cover the fee, but I didn't win that much and it would come out of my buy-in for the upcoming 1/2 ATL blogger's game at 23Skidoo's later in the month.

My profitable week started at the Poker Cat Arena. After dropping 2 buyin's, I had a great Omaha hand and finished up for a little over 2 total for the night. A few nights later, I was able to take 1st in one of Kaj's short handed home games after catching my 2 outer to keep me from going out on the bubble. Nothing like raising on the button with a pair of 4s while we are 3 handed and having Kaj jam from the big blind. He's gotta be trying to exploit the bubble and bully me, right? I insta called the rest of my chips and he flipped over his 7s. Whoops, I was thinking we were racing at worst, but i caught another 4 and I get to see live what happens to him online all the time. Sorry bud, but I'm sure the next time you do that you'll be full of it, LOL.

I finished off the week with a 3 way chop last night before the Super Bowl. There were 13 of us playing before the big game and we ran a little long, so we decided to chop it up at kick-off. No need for a suckout in this game because I had a great rush of cards early and was able to build a good stack after flopping 3 of a kind twice. After that, I was only able to get pots with aggression because I didn't get too many cards when we got down to 5. I tried to force out one the short stacks with a preflop push, but he woke up with Aces and was able to more than triple up and take over the chip lead. I was squarely in second now and was able to hold that spot until we decided to end the game. Let's see if I can keep this money growing in The House That $mokkee Built. See ya on Tuesday.


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