Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WPBT Recap Day 2

On Friday, Stacie, MIL, and I went over Henderson to meet my buddy and his wife for a kicking lunch at The Cracked Egg. After lunch, Chad showed me one of his newest toys. A beautiful supercharged Jaguar XKR. This thing is bad ass. The girls took the rental car back to the house while Chad and I hit the interstate for some mischief. I had a blast getting off at different exits and gunning it through the turns back on to the on ramps. The power in this beast was incredible. When we got back to his place, it was time to play around with his other new toy, a Ural with a sidecar. I have never driven a motorcycle with a sidecar on it so he did a lap with me to point out the behavior of the vehicle. After my quick checkride, I was on my own and headed around the neighborhood. It drives really weird and it took some getting used to. It pulls one way when accelerating and the other way when braking. Another thing to consider is the width. I'm so used to riding a motorcycle and spacing myself according, that I came within inches of smashing the sidecar in to our rental. I didn't even notice that I was close to crashing until Chad slowly shook his head after I parked. He just let out a little laugh and showed me how narrowly I avoided disaster.

After spending the day catching up, I took the Jag back down to the strip for one last ride. I gotta say, it didn't suck having that for transportation for the day. Once one the strip, Chad and I said our goodbyes and he took the car back home. I headed over to MGM for some blogger cash game action. I don't know enough of the games to sit down at "Table 16" but I there were plenty of friendly faces at the 1/2 game. I had already met DrChako at Mastodon Weekend in G-Vegas, but this time I got to meet Mrs. Chako aka TheWife. She was certainly as lovely as advertised. Nice ride, smokin' wife, loving family and great job. You won this one sir, but next time, I will beat youuuuuuuu! Sorry, I had Speed Racer stuck in my head. Anywho, back to poker. Like my session much earlier in the day, I was up a bit again courtesy of Skidoo. My set was able to hold against his flush draw. Unfortunately also like my early morning session, I bled away all of my profit and a slight bit of my original buy-in. I spent most of the evening sitting next to Mr. Staples rebate / MetsFan. His roadtrip to see the different sporting events and venues was pretty cool. The loud ass cowboy music and lack of good sleep were catching up to me so I headed back down the strip to my room at the IP. I wanted to have a decent amount of rest before the blogger tournament at Aria on Saturday.

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