Friday, March 03, 2006


Welcome! I hope you enjoy this and future posts. This will mainly be updated by me, but my wife will probably add her own touches.

Speaking of my wife, I am happily married to Stacie, a wonderful, smart, funny, sexy, cute, and amazingly fit woman that takes awesome care of me. We got married back in 1998 in Pacific Grove, CA. It is between Pebble Beach and Monterey.

We don't have any kids, but love our dog immensely. She is a retriever / shepard mix that we got from the Humane Society about 5 years ago as a puppy. Her adoption picture is my avatar at PokerStars.

I graduated from Auburn University back in the early 90's with a degree in Aviation Management. After graduation, I moved to Atlanta to hang with my friends.

Unfortunately when I graduated, Pan-Am and Eastern had just died, and Delta was laying off, so I ended up doing jobs that are completely unrelated to my original interests. I did retail management for a couple of years because I really needed the money. It didn't take long to get sick of that and took a few months off and hung around with friends while I looked for another job. This was back when I was single and really didn't care about debt.

While I was at a party my friend's coworker said that Bellsouth was hiring people for their startup cable company. I applied for an outside position and after pole climbing school, was hired to hang strand, cable, and eventually splicing in components. I really enjoyed the hours, money, and working outside until Winter hit. At that point I did not enjoy hanging cable to the side of someone's house in the freezing cold and mucking with a ladder. I was able to get a job inside troubleshooting and assisting technicians that were servicing our customers. From there, I was promoted to supervisor, then manager of the group. By this time I am managing a Network Operations Center that monitored and did troubleshooting for the video offering by BellSouth. I did this for a few years and then did the similar function for the competing cable company. After a few years of this, I needed a break. I had been managing a 24x7 group for 5 years and the hours were just getting longer and longer. I was not able to reach my "goal" of 1 meal a day with my wife. Not good, so I quit my job and started to look for something else.

Apparently, I severely overestimated my ability to get another job in my field without working the crazy hours again. Fortunately our savings allowed my to look, but eventually I just had to get a job. I started working in the same small family owned company where my wife does the marketing. After 6 months in the warehouse, I moved to inside sales where I answer inbound sales calls and provide tech support for (in Hank Hill voice) "thermostats and thermostat accessories." It is not the most exciting job, but my wife and I carpool, we have a short commute, and it is a true 40 hour a week M-F job. I get paid well enough to support my hobbies and live close to work. Our 20 minute commute means alot to us and is definitely not the norm for ATL.


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